Dan Whalen





Web Site Title


Web Site Author

Steve Nix

Appropriate Grade

9 12

Content Standards


Primary Use

To help students connect the forestry industry to the cabinetmaking industry

Educational Value

of Site

In an effort to get the student to understand the ties between industries and how they affect each other. The student can glean information from the site in the areas of lumber production, which will expand the base knowledge of the student. There are many related sites where students can go and get information about issues that affect the forestry industry.

Strengths of Site

This site has a great number of related sites to the lumber industry as well as informative sites on issues concerning the forestry industry. The site is well set up in that the side menu allows great mobility within the site to the immense information.

Weaknesses of Site

It is not a commercial free site and has many distractive boxes that pop up as well as the advertisements that are always present. It is part of a larger site and a student could get lost but with minimal knowledge of the internet navigating on this site should be easy.