Dan Whalen





Web Site Title

Fuhr International

Web Site Author

Dave Fuhr

Appropriate Grade

9 12

Content Standards


Primary Use

A source for the student to go to to get exposure to the various types of finishing materials on the market that are available to them.

Educational Value

of Site

This website has the water based type of finish materials that they have for sale. The student can see and read about the various types of products available so that he may make an informed decision about the type of product he wants to use. The water based product is more environmentally friendly as well as easier to use and easier to clean up.

Strengths of Site

It has a great variety of products to check out that are not readily available to look at locally. Products are listed and described in detail as well as having been referenced as to what type of project it is to be used on.

Weaknesses of Site

Not easy to read the font style. They do not show the product in an example of how it would look on a project.